Do you work for a EUROPEAN INSTITUTION? Are you looking for a specific pension plan that corresponds to your position?

If so, then have a look at our personal solutions.

Rely on an expert:
When choosing your pension plan, rely on an expert who will be able to advise you and manage all aspects of your plan.

Take advantage of customised insurance policies:
In conjunction with insurance companies approved by the European Commission, we’ve developed policies that correspond to the demands of your particular position within the European institutions.

Follow in the footsteps of hundreds of colleagues from the European institutions:
Having provided solutions for individuals at the

European institutions for over 15 years, hundreds of people have now placed their trust in us.

A straightforward and reliable approach:
By placing your trust in our knowledge and guidance, you will avoid any pitfalls and complications, save time and obtain a pension plan that is best suited for your position.

We’re just round the corner:
For your convenience, we would be more than happy to make an appointment to meet with you at our offices located at Schuman roundabout no. 6, on the 5th floor.

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